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security-territory monitoring

about us

The business network “ICT – ​Security-Territory Monitoring”​ consists of ten small and medium enterprises that have decided to join forces, signing a particular Network Contract.. 
​The decision was made based on the experience and significant results achieved in previous initiatives and activities, developed and implemented by the l Ligurian Technological District on Integrated Intelligent Systems, ​which acts as the Network’s promoter. 

what we do

​The network is engaged in the development of innovative products and services. It operates in both the national and international markets, in areas related to the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) solutions in Security and Territorial Monitoring.


  • ​​Modelling and development of digital twins
  • Software systems for data presentation and decision support
  • Data management and analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Computer vision and virtual/augmented reality
  • Physical and virtualized ICT infrastructures (5G, Edge/Cloud) of high security and reliability for the support of critical applications
  • Sensors - Drones


  • ​Surveillance of Public Spaces and Critical Infrastructure
  • Assessment of environments’ vulnerability to natural or induced disasters
  • Continuous monitoring of civil infrastructures for detection of anomalies and preventive maintenance
  • Safety in the workplace

territory monitoring

  • ​Development of models and thematic maps for the evaluation and management of hydrogeological risk
  • Environmental monitoring and warning
  • Emergency management support


​Implementing Network’s activities in the relevant areas, using the skills, professionalism and considerable experience of the Members in the ICT - Security - Territory Monitoring sectors. 



registered office

 Via Greto di Cornigliano 6r 16152 Genoa

tax code and vat number

​  ​02851490991
R.E.A. of Genoa n. 515763  

​ Email PEC

​ irictsicmonter@legalmail.it